When you list with Catherine Dawe and Montreal Home Real Estate, you will benefit from:


A Competitive Advantage

  • Professional: Photographs, writing, personal presentation.  Professionalism makes a huge difference in the success of your sale.
  • Team Support:  Large enough to make sure every detail is covered, but small enough that you know who to speak to when you have a question.  We will not delegate your sale to a confusing jumble of junior agents.
  • Internet Savvy:  We actively promote our listings across the internet and understand and incorporate best practises for search engine optimization, including hashtags, photo tagging, video, and social media.  You can expect to see your property in such far away sites as Juwaii (China) and the Wall Street Journal*, NY Times, Point2, Canada.com, Centris.ca, Navut.com, etc.
  • Competitive: Real estate is a competitive sport, and other listings are the challengers. Catherine is a highly competitive professional who will position your property using the best possible strategies for a win-win sale.
  • Personal Skills:  we will bring you highly developed negotiation skills and excellent person-to-person abilities.  We will tailor our approach to meet your needs.
  • Caring:  We understand that selling your home can be stressful.  We offer a no-pressure, supportive and empathetic environment in which you can feel entirely at ease.
  • Accountability:  We work with coaches and mentors who tweak our performance and hold us accountable to deliver the results you except.
  • Pro-active:  We don`t just wait for buyers to call, we go find them. Calls, door to door and pro-active prospecting bring us a steady stream of clients looking to buy.