About Catherine Dawe

Catherine Dawe

Catherine Dawe, Chartered Real Estate Broker, Keller Williams Connexion in Montreal, Canada

This blurb should be about you, not me. Your dream property, your hopes, how does buying or selling real estate fit into your life plans, and what kind of advice and assistance do you need to turn those plans into reality? I want to help you move forward in the most honest, caring and efficient way possible. When you look around your new home or investment I want your heart to be filled with happiness and joy, not with a sense that you paid too much, or that you chose the wrong area or that that bad surprises keep popping up. Your needs come first. And yes, just like most successful realtors, I have specific experience, talents, methods etc etc. A Google search should tell you enough about any realtor for you to assess whether that person is the right professional for your needs. But if you prefer a person over tech, please give me a call, I would be happy to discuss what you need and how I can help.

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